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How Much Value Does a Pool Add to a House in Australia?

Get the Most From Your Pool

A swimming pool can transform your home's appeal, especially in warmer Australian regions. A well-chosen and carefully installed pool has been shown to attract buyers and even boost property value. Explore the factors determining when and how much a pool adds value to your home.


Can a Pool Add To Your Property Value?

The value a pool adds to a home varies based on factors like size, location, material, and condition. Reports show that pools can increase property value by as much as 7%. Pools are especially popular in regions like Queensland, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney, contributing more to property value.

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What Makes a Pool Valuable?

Pool Location

Consider pool location and design to ensure it’s compatible with the aesthetic of the house.

Property Location

Warmer regions of Australia are the best places to consider adding a pool to your property.

Target Buyers

Consider the demographics of potential buyers. A younger buyer might be attracted to a pool, as will families with young children.

How Expensive is it to Have a Pool?

A new plunge pool shell will cost you $12,500. Including installation, the entire project will likely cost around $25,000. Also, budget for ongoing maintenance costs of $800-$2000 annually. Fibreglass pools are durable and easy to maintain, making them a smart investment.

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How To Ensure Your Pool Adds Value

The following 3 tips will help you choose the perfect pool and maintain it over time.


1. Pool Design

A timeless pool design will appeal to a wider clientele. If you have the space, consider adding features like a pool cabana and other functional outdoor areas to build a lifestyle around your pool. Not only does it increase your property value, but also makes it more comfortable to live in.

2. Maintenance

If you do install a pool, take good care of it. A poorly maintained pool can decrease the value of your property as it means more work for the new owners. Ensure that the pool is free from debris and algae. Also, consider investing in a pool cover.

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3. Ask Your Agent

If you’re not sure how a pool will impact property value, speak to your real estate agent. Ask for insights about the local target market in your area and if pools are in demand. A professional opinion will help you decide how much to invest in your new pool from a real estate perspective.

Final Thoughts On Pool Value

Climate Considerations

Pools are desirable in warm regions, but choosing a suitable option for the weather is crucial.

Size & Demographics

Tailor the pool size to your backyard and consider the preferences of your local demographic for maximum value.

Expert Guidance

To select the right pool for your home, reach out to us for personalised suggestions and expert advice.

Talk To Our Team To Find the Right Pool

Our experts can help you select the perfect pool for your property. Contact us today.

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