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Delving Into the Depths: A Look at Fibreglass Pool Sizes

By Colm, September 11th, 2023
Delving into the Depths: A Look at Fibreglass Pool Sizes

Fibreglass pool dimensions play a crucial role in creating the perfect swimming pool for your outdoor space.

Whether you have a small backyard or a luxurious oasis, understanding the dimensions of your fibreglass pool is crucial for creating the perfect design.

Which Size Swimming Pool Is Best?

How you want to use the pool: Do you want a plunge pool for a quick splash or do you want to swim laps? The right pool size ensures that your pool fits with your lifestyle and preferences.

Space: Maximising the use of your outdoor area is important for making the most of your space. It means finding the right size for your pool so that it fits well into your yard without taking up too much room or leaving wasted space. This way, your pool will blend nicely with the overall design of your landscape.

Budget Considerations: Think about your budget and what is going to work for you. Larger pools may require higher initial investments, while smaller pools can be more budget-friendly in terms of installation and ongoing maintenance. 

Energy Efficiency: Pool size affects heating and energy expenses. An oversized pool can result in unnecessary heating costs, while a pool that's too small might limit your options for water features and activities.

Maintenance: The size of your pool influences how much maintenance you will need to do. Smaller pools typically require less cleaning, fewer chemicals, and reduced water circulation time, leading to lower maintenance costs and less time spent on upkeep.

Equipment Choices: Do you want a mineral pool to gain the benefits of magnesium for your body and skin? This needs to be planned for so select the equipment package that will work best for your family.

Above Ground Fibreglass Pool or Inground Pool?

Before we get into the dimensions of the pools, you first need to decide whether you need an above ground pool or whether an inground pool is possible. People tend to choose an above ground pool if their backyard is sloping and they want to build a deck around the pool area. Above ground pools are built with extra ribbing which gives them internal strength to be installed above ground without the walls collapsing. 

The initial cost of an above ground fibreglass pool is higher than an inground pool, however take into consideration the cost savings from the limited excavation that is required compared to an inground pool installation.

shutterstock_1132364927 1

Popular Fibreglass Pool Sizes

Fibreglass pools can range in size from small plunge pools to 13m lap pools. Which size you choose depends on your backyard area, your budget and how you would like to use the pool.

Small Fibreglass Pool Dimensions

The smallest pool dimensions that work well for courtyards or backyards with minimal space are 3m x 1.9m. This pool is small but still packs a punch. Selecting a light gel coat colour like White or Sand can also make this pool look bigger than it is. It's a great option for a spot to cool off in the summer and adding spa jets will transform the pool into a spa - win, win!
If you have a bit more space then choosing the 4m x 1.9 will give you extra room for more people but it will still be a compact pool that doesn't dominate the outdoor area.
The most popular small pool sizes are the 4.4m x 2.28m and the 5.2m x 3m plunge pools. These pools are wide for a plunge pool so they’re a great choice if you want the kids to be able to have a play or you want to have more room for friends. 

Above Ground Pool Blush Blue

Medium Fibreglass Pool Dimensions

The most popular medium sized pool is the 6.2m x 3m. This pool is the perfect pool if you have limited space in the backyard but still want to be able to have a large swimming area. The Nova in this size also has a long bench which is great for entertaining and two dual entry steps for easy access.
When it comes to pool designs, you need to think about how you want to use the pool. A pool with entry steps in the middle of the pool length is a popular choice for families as you can sit on the steps in the pool and have easy access to both the shallow and deep end. 

If you have the space, then an 8m x 4m pool is what many people feel is the perfect size swimming pool. Width is important for a pool and at 4 metres wide, you have the option for children to practise their stroke by swimming the width of the pool, plus there's plenty of room for jumping in. 

VS 1_Image 1

Can I Add a Spa to the Pool?

Yes! Fibreglass spas are a great addition to your outdoor space. One of the biggest advantages of adding a spa to your pool is that you can use the pool year round with significantly less heating costs compared to heating the pool all year. A spa can be added with a spillway into the pool or it can be completely separate. 

Fibreglass Pool and Spa

Large Fibreglass Pool Dimensions

If you have acreage or a large backyard, a large swimming pool is an excellent feature that you will get years of enjoyment from. If you want to use the swimming pool for exercise and proper stroke technique then a lap pool is a must. A 13m lap pool is traditionally a narrow pool as you want the length for proper swimming however you don't need the width. If however, you have children and want to use the pool for both fitness and kids games then an 11m traditional pool is the way to go such as the Cosmopolitan.

What is the Average Pool Depth in Australia?

On average a swimming pool in Australia has a depth of 1.6m. A pool can either have a flat bottom which has a consistent depth or a deep and shallow end. Often a flat bottom pool will be a plunge pool as it is difficult to have a gradient in a smaller pool. A pool that offers both a deep and shallow end is perfect for children as they grow older and want to transition from playing games in the shallow end to jumping into the deeper water. This allows them to gradually build confidence and improve their swimming abilities.

 What Should I Consider When Choosing My Pool Size?

1. Available Backyard Space

Assess the dimensions and layout of your backyard. Ensure the pool size complements your available space without overwhelming it.

Setbacks and Regulations: Check with your local Council regarding building codes and regulations that may specify minimum distances between the pool and boundary lines or utilities. Often a stormwater drain needs to be planned for well in advance as moving it can be costly.

2. Budget Considerations

Initial Installation Costs: Larger pools typically come with higher upfront costs for materials, labour, and excavation. The cost of pool installation increases per lineal metre.
Ongoing Expenses: A larger pool may require more water, heating, and maintenance, leading to higher long-term costs.

3. Intended Use and Activities


Swimming and Exercise: If you plan to swim for exercise or have an active family, consider a pool size that allows for laps and water activities.
Relaxation and Entertaining: Smaller pools can be ideal for relaxation, while larger ones accommodate entertaining guests and poolside gatherings.

4. Aesthetic and Landscape Integration

Visual Harmony: Ensure the pool size aligns with your landscape plans for the outdoor space. 

Decking and Surroundings: Consider the space required for decking, landscaping, and other elements to complement the pool. Always plan for sun lounges and deck chairs around the pool. Ideally you want to have two metres of space around one side of the pool for furniture.

5. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Heating Costs: Larger pools can require more energy for heating. Opt for a size that will fit your household weekly budget 

Energy Efficiency: Think about investing in a Variable Speed Pump for further cost savings.It is a higher initial investment however typically after a year the energy savings pay off the cost difference for the pump upgrade.

Future Considerations: Long-Term Plans: Think about your long-term plans for your property. Will your family size change, or do you anticipate future landscaping changes that could affect pool space?

Visualising Pool Dimensions

Physical Markers

When you’re planning your pool it can be easy to get carried away looking at brochures or photos online of pools. The best thing to do is physically mark out the pool you are thinking of with spray paint or string. You will then be able to see how the pool will work in your space. 

When the pool lines are marked out, add props around the pool to act as sun lounges and chairs. Walk around the pool and ensure there's enough room to comfortably move around.

Design Software

There are some great new online programs that you can use to visualise how the pool will sit in your backyard. By entering the dimensions of your property you will quickly be able to see which size pool will work best for your area.

When choosing your fibreglass pool, always take into consideration 3 things: your available space, budget, and intended use. By carefully considering the dimensions that align with your outdoor area, your financial plan, and your vision for pool activities, you'll ensure that your fibreglass pool not only fits seamlessly into your landscape but also caters to your unique needs and desires. 


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Delving into the Depths: A Look at Fibreglass Pool Sizes
Delving Into the Depths: A Look at Fibreglass Pool Sizes

Fibreglass pool dimensions play a crucial role in creating the perfect swimming pool for your outdoor space. ...


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