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Your Guide to Buying a New Swimming Pool

From pool types to filtration systems, we cover it all. Plus, we'll guide you through the art of choosing the ideal pool colour to complement your outdoor space. Dive into our ultimate pool buying guide today!


Pool Price

Wondered how much a swimming pool costs?


Pool Heating

Coming Soon


What’s Included

Find out all the inclusions in a swimming pool package.


The Install Process

Pool Installation Advice For Your Fibreglass Swimming Pools.

Visual Stories

What Are Visual Stories?

Visual stories are a new and exciting way for use to share our knowledge about pools with you, give them a try!

What Are Visual Stories?

Visual stories are a new and exciting way for use to share our knowledge about pools with you, give them a try!


Cover - Fibreglass vs. Concrete Pools 2


Cover - Fibreglass Pools DIY vs Professional Installation


Cover - Tips for Building a DIY Plunge Pool on a Budget


Cover - How Much Does a Fibreglass Plunge Pool Cost_


Cover - The Best Time of Year to Install a Swimming Pool

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Product Brochures

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Ambassador
5m Ambassador

5.9m x 2.28m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Belmont
7m Belmont

7.58m x 3.35m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Belmont
8m Belmont

8.17m x 4.244m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Belmont
9m Belmont

9.25m x 4.33m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Belmont
10m Belmont

16m x 4.425m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Belmont
11m Belmont

11.56m x 4.75m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Cleopatra
4m Cleopatra

4.4m x 2.28m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Cosmopolitan
6m Cosmopolitan

6.4m x 4m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Cosmopolitan
7m Cosmopolitan

7.2m x 4.2m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Cosmopolitan
8m Cosmopolitan

8.1m x 4.2m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Cosmopolitan
9m Cosmopolitan

9m x 4.4m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Cosmopolitan
10m Cosmopolitan

10m x 4.4m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Cosmopolitan
11m Cosmopolitan

11m x 4.4m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Jasmine
6m Jasmine

6.2m x 3.5m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Jasmine
7m Jasmine

7.2m x 3.5m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Lap Pool
13m Lap Pool

13.5m x 3m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Majestic
7m Majestic

7.2m x 2.5m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Nova
5m Nova

5.2m x 3.0m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Nova
6m Nova

6.2m x 3m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Oasis
6m Oasis

6.2m x 3.4m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Oasis
7m Oasis

7.2m x 3.4m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Slimline
6m Slimline

6.2m x 3m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Slimline
7m Slimline

7.2m x 3m

Brochure_Thumbnail_ Belmont
6m Belmont

6.22m x 3.85m

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Why should I choose Swimming Pool Kits Direct? 

We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service we provide to our customers in making the pool purchase as simple as possible.

We have carefully sourced top-of-the-range equipment and Australian manufactured where possible. The equipment's after-sales service and warranty periods are very important, and we have considered this when sourcing our equipment.

And to top it all off, we are a family owned and operated Australian business.

Why choose fibreglass over concrete or vinyl? 

Our Fibreglass pools have excellent longevity that comes with a 25-year structural warranty.

Unlike a concrete pool, it is a non-porous material, so you do not need to use as many chemicals in your swimming pool. The fibreglass also has a very smooth surface, unlike concrete, making it more enjoyable for little (and big) feet to enjoy running around.

Vinyl or liner pools are something that we have all probably experienced; they are a very cost-saving product; however, they can rip, and the liner may need replacing every 5-10 years.

What is the warranty on the pool shell? Do you have after-sales service?

The pools come with a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer, covering the pool's structural integrity.

All the equipment comes with manufacturer's warranties, ranging from 1 to 25 years, depending on the product. These are all itemised for you on your quote and in the equipment upgrades brochure.

If you notice that something needs to be fixed, or you have a general question about your pool or a piece of equipment, then our friendly staff will look after this for you.

If it is a fault with your equipment, our supplier's technical support team will contact you within five business days (usually sooner). You are also given their details so that you can follow up if you choose.

How does it work with your company? Will you visit my installation site?

We are a completely online business; we do not have storefronts or showrooms, which enables us to keep our costs down to pass on these savings to our customers.

Once you know that you want a pool, you can decide on your pool by viewing our pool range online. Choosing a size and shape can sometimes be daunting for people. We recommend that you jump on your local council's website and determine your boundary requirements. Once you know these, you can narrow down a size and shape that will work for you.

After you have chosen a size and shape, we can send you a quote for the complete kit. This includes your swimming pool shell, pool filtration equipment, and the documentation that makes up part of your approvals and delivery.

We can also provide additional equipment to get the pool of your dreams.

As a business, we do not get directly involved in the installation process; however, we have a network of private contractors who have previously installed for our customers that we can recommend to you. These contractors will facilitate the entire installation process for you.

You have a few options regarding your approval process.

How do I get approval for the swimming pool?

We understand that getting approval for your swimming pool can be daunting, so we have broken it down for you below to help ease you into the process.

All new swimming pool construction in Australia requires approval. There are different requirements depending on the State and your Local Council Area.

Once a deposit has been received, we will give you the following documentation that makes up part of the approval process:

1. Engineering Drawing
2. Skimmer Box Compliance Certificate
3. Computations Sheet
4. STD 1A – Concrete Bond Beam Details
5. STD 2A – Uniform Bearing
6. STD 3A – Pier Details
7. Litres of the pool and the setback measurements. The measurements are in mm, and the setback is measured from the coping to the pool floor.
8. Customer User Guide
9. Flood Document
10. Once you have these documents, you can start your approval process.

You have three options when it comes to approvals:

1. DA with your local council and then a Construction Certificate
2. CDC (Complying Development Certificate)
3. Private Certification