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How Long Does It Take to Install a Fibreglass Pool?

By Swimming Pool Kits Direct Team, May 15th, 2023
Blog Hero How Long Does It Take to Install a Fibreglass Pool

When the mercury rises, so do your dreams of a fibreglass swimming pool–and when you're feeling the heat, chances are you wanted that fibreglass swimming pool installed as early as last weekend. But just how long does it take to build a fibreglass pool? Before you start your backstroke timer, let's take a look.

        Article Summary
  1. Fibreglass pools are growing in popularity due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, and ability to increase a property's value.

  2. The installation of a fibreglass pool generally takes 4-6 weeks, with the pool installation itself taking 2-6 days.

  3. Thorough planning is crucial for successful pool installation, considering factors like location, size, shape, decking, fencing, and budget.

  4. Pool installation options include DIY or professional installation.

  5. The installation process involves site preparation, pool shell placement, plumbing and electrical connection, backfilling and levelling, concrete bond beam laying, and final finishings.

  6. Factors affecting installation time include pool size, site complexity, season, weather, installer experience, materials availability, permit process, and unexpected events.

  7. Fibreglass pools are durable and can last 25-30 years or longer with proper maintenance and care.

  8. Choosing a reputable manufacturer is key for a high-quality fibreglass pool.

Fibreglass pools are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to bring some summer luxury to their homes. Not only are they refreshingly beautiful, but they also work to increase the value of your home. Add in that they are durable, low maintenance, and come in various shapes and sizes, and it’s no surprise that the demand for installation is high.

When installing a fibreglass pool, the entire process depends on the size and complexity of the pool. Installing the pool itself usually only takes 2-6 days. The time of year, paving, landscaping, pool fencing, and other outdoor considerations can push out the timeline, but the whole process– from site preparation to completion–typically takes about 4-6 weeks.

Plan Your Pool Installation

Planning the installation of a fibreglass pool is crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful project. It is also the lengthiest part of the entire build. You'll need to consider its location on your property and the size and shape of the shell that best fits your needs.

Consider factors such as decking, fencing, and landscaping. Create a budget and timeline, allowing any unexpected expenses or delays.

DIY vs Professionally Installed

There are two main options when installing a fibreglass pool: Do It Yourself (DIY) or have it professionally installed.


If you want to save money and are confident you can do the job right, you may decide to install your pool yourself. Varying by state, requirements may include an owner-builder permit, a white card, and building approval. It is, of course, essential that you have the necessary handy skills. Specialised trades such as electricians and plumbers are needed to carry out the installation safely.

If you are unsure about your abilities or do not have the time and resources to complete the job, consider hiring a licensed professional to install your pool.

Professionally Installed

If doing it yourself is not your thing, you can negotiate directly with a licensed installer and opt for an affordable DIY pool kit. Doing so will result in substantial cost savings compared to hiring a full-service pool builder.

With a DIY kit approach, you can take on as much or as little of the installation process as you feel comfortable, giving you greater control over your budget and timeline. Some installers even offer turnkey pool installation services, handling the process from permits through to pool fencing!

Selecting a reputable installer–one experienced in your local area is vital. Why? They are the ones that will have a greater understanding of potential issues relevant to your location, such as common soil issues, sloping block solutions and specialised permits. A reputable installer will also ensure your installation complies with applicable legislation, protecting you as a consumer.

Swimming Pool Kits Direct has a great network of independent installers with extensive experience, having successfully installed hundreds of fibreglass pools for customers. 

Average Installation Time

The installation begins with site preparation, including excavation and foundation work, to ensure your pool is level and has adequate groundwater drainage. Once the site is ready, the pool shell is delivered and placed with a crane, typically completed in one day.

Next, the plumbing and electrical systems are connected, and the area around your pool is backfilled and levelled. This step can take 1-2 days, making sure plumbing connections are pressure tested before backfilling begins. A concrete bond beam is laid around the pool, with a steel bar tied to the pool edge to prevent separation. Allowing for at least 7 days for the concrete to cure, the decking and surrounding area can then be started. Final finishings can take several days to a week, depending on how much landscaping and other elements you’ve planned.

It's important to remember that this timeline is just an average, and installation times can vary based on several factors.

Other Factors to Consider

Pool Size and Complexity

Size and complexity are essential factors in determining installation time. The size of the hole required, the ease of a crane dropping it in place, and less overall concrete needed make smaller plunge pools quicker to install than larger and more complex pools.

Site Preparation

Preparing the construction site for building, including excavation and foundation work, can take several days to a week. The site's complexity and the installer's experience will impact the timeline for this stage.

The Time of Year

Many people are inclined to install their swimming pool during summer, leading to pool installers and suppliers having longer project lead times. We recommend planning the installation in spring to prevent unwanted delays. Take the plunge early and be ready for summer!

Weather Conditions

Rain or other weather events can affect excavation and foundation work, impacting the installation timeline.

Experience of the Installer

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable contractor can help ensure a smooth and efficient installation. If you choose to do it yourself, calculate some extra installation time.

Availability of Materials and Equipment

Planning will help ensure all necessary materials and equipment are available, preventing delays while waiting for items.

Permit Process

Obtaining necessary permits can take time, as you have no control over how long it may take for council and other approvals. Receiving the required permits before beginning the installation is essential. If preferred, you can engage a private certifier or use a company that will handle all of the approvals on your behalf for a fee. 

Unexpected Events

Sometimes unexpected events, such as weather delays or equipment malfunctions, occur outside our control. Regular communication with the contractor and contingency plans can help mitigate the impact of unexpected events.

How Long Does a Fibreglass Pool Last

A fibreglass pool can provide years of enjoyment and relaxation with adequate maintenance and care. Fibreglass pools are known for their durability and longevity, with many lasting 25-30 years or longer, often longer than vinyl or concrete pools. Our pools are 100% fibreglass and come with a 25-year structural warranty, so you can relax easily knowing you can enjoy your pool for many years.

Choosing a reputable manufacturer is essential when purchasing a fibreglass pool. Doing so will ensure you get a pool shell made of high-quality materials and thoroughly inspected before shipping. You should perform regular inspections and repairs to keep your pool in good condition and extend its lifespan.

Additionally, using the right chemicals, cleaning products and maintaining proper water levels will help keep your fibreglass pool looking great and functioning correctly for many years.


If you're ready to take the plunge–planning and preparation are crucial to achieving a quick pool installation.

Remember, your future pool's size and complexity, site preparation, weather conditions, and your installer's experience, combined with the required materials and equipment availability, the permit process and unexpected events, will all affect an average installation timeline of 4-6 weeks.

Talk to us if you're ready to discuss your new fibreglass pool. We're here to help you make an informed decision that will get that new pool installed all the quicker.

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