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Which Pool Colour Should I Choose?

By Colm, September 18th, 2023
Which Pool Colour Should I Choose?
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After selecting the shape and size of your fibreglass swimming pool, the next step is to decide on the gel coat colour.

This particular decision is often the most difficult for customers.

We have identified the latest swimming pool colour trends for 2023 and will provide helpful tips and suggestions to help you determine the perfect colour for your pool.

The Science Behind Pool Colour

How Pool Colour Affects Water Temperature

Dark-coloured pools absorb more heat from the sun, resulting in warmer water temperatures.

Light-coloured pools reflect more sunlight, keeping the water cooler.

The Psychological Effects of Pool Colour

Blue pools create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
Green pools evoke a natural and serene ambience.
White pools give a clean and modern feel.

Matching the Pool to your Backyard

If you’re considering putting a pool in your backyard, chances are you will be doing some extra work in the garden with the landscaping. When choosing the pool colour in Australia think about the types of plants that will be surrounding your pool. The main aim when you pick your pool colour is to have a pool that blends seamlessly with your landscaping. You want to create a cohesive feel in your backyard where the pool is a focal point but also sits well within the plants. 

If you’re opting for a white, clean and modern feel in your backyard with white fencing and a general Hamptons look then a light coloured pool will work well. A light grey like Quartz or a White Spice with sparkles will blend in with the landscape and sit within a theme. 
However, if you are going with a more formal style with darker colours around the house then a darker blue will sit well in the landscape.

The amount of vegetation surrounding your pool will affect the colour of the water. If there are many plants, the water will have a darker and greener hue, while a smaller amount of plants will result in a lighter appearance.

A more natural pool colour can be achieved with a deep grey or mid-blue, these darker colours will give the pool a natural lagoon style.

Pool Colour Trends 2023 in Australia

In the past, fibreglass pools were often limited to just one or two colour choices. However, this is certainly not the case today, there are a wide array of gel coat shades available and every 4 or 5 years the trend changes. 


In 2023 we are seeing a trend towards lighter colours, especially white. There are gel coats that add speckles of blue and grey with white which have become incredibly popular. These speckles shimmer in the sunlight and the pool water has a beautiful light turquoise colour similar to a Caribbean shoreline.

Tips for Building a DIY Plunge Pool on a Budget-3


This light grey shade sits in between White and Grey Spice. With speckles of white this colour shimmers in the sun and adds a contemporary feel to the pool area. We love this shade and how it sits next to light travertine tiles.

Fibreglass Pool Colour Quartz

Grey Spice

A dark grey colour that works really well in a tropical backyard with plenty of green foliage. The water takes on a more ocean blue appearance and blends in well with the landscape.

Fibreglass pool Grey Spice

Water Spice

A classic colour, this light blue is always popular. If you’re looking for a timeless colour that's popular throughout the trends then Water Spice is the one for you. When the pool is filled the water transforms to a bright blue and works well with both tropical vegetation and box hedges.

Fibreglass Pool Water Spice

Blue Rock

Although there is a trend towards light colours this year, there has also been a slow and steady resurgence of dark colour pools. A dark blue gives a dramatic look and one of the reasons it may be slowly increasing in popularity is its sustainability qualities. Dark fibreglass pools retain the heat which decreases your heating bill.

Fibreglass Pool Blue Rock

The Practical Considerations

Maintenance and Cleaning

Light-coloured pools have the potential to highlight marks from leaves and other debris, making them more visible so you could be cleaning the pool more often than you'd like! Consider a pool with a shimmer effect to help decrease the need for frequent cleaning. 

Safety Considerations

Dark-coloured pools may make it harder to see the bottom, potentially posing a safety risk.

Light-coloured pools provide better visibility, making it easier to spot any potential hazards.

When considering the colour of your pool, it's crucial to keep in mind that the pool water can look different at different times of the day. Several factors come into play here, such as the time of day and lighting conditions (whether it's sunny or overcast).

Also, always remember that the pool when first filled can look green - don't worry, this is normal and once your filtration equipment is turned on, you'll have crystal clear water!


Choosing the pool colour can be the most agonising decision of your swimming pool journey but it’s important to take your time. Your pool will be in your backyard for at least 30 years so you need to choose a colour you are confident in!
Whether you prefer a calming blue pool, a modern white pool or a grey pool with a light blue hue, it is essential to consider the practical and aesthetic considerations before making a decision. 


This is a big decision and one that we talk our customers through daily. If you need more help with choosing your pool colour, give us a call and we can talk through your options.


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