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Madimack Summer Eco 24Kw


Product Description:

Introducing the Summer Eco 24Kw: the zenith of eco-conscious pool heating for expansive pools. Built for power, yet rooted in sustainability, it promises unparalleled warmth without compromising the environment. Enjoy its hushed operations, significant energy savings, and remote temperature management via WiFi.
Its resilient anti-corrosion build ensures consistent heating year after year.
• Extremely energy efficient with an average C.O.P up to 11
• Inverter compressor and fan
• Six models up to 24 kW in single phase
• Quieter than on/off technology
• Anti-corrosion ABS casing
• Easy-to-use controller
• Slim design
• Wi-Fi as standard
• Titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year warranty
• Two-year extended warranty
• Front discharge air outlet
• Reverse cycle defrost down to -15˚C
• Built-in flow switch and safety devices
• Newest, most eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
• TüV Rheinland certified
• Up to 40 degrees setpoint temperature

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